Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus has spent as much time in the culinary centres of Europe as he has in Asia, and it shows.

Looking at Amber’s dishes now, it seems logical that Amber would source from the surrounding region after all, top chefs in France rely on the bounty of their region, and shorter travel distances often mean seasonality, freshness and less wastage but it wasn’t always that straight forward. Ekkebus’s use of premium Japanese ingredients in a restaurant rooted in French techniques was almost unheard of when Amber first opened.

These days, he orders fish flown in directly from Japan to create, for instance, a dish of red amadai, roasted with the scales on and served with pointed cabbage, seaweed pure, hairy crab and ginger broth.

Not only does cooking with the seasons ensure that ingredients are their prime, it is also a reminder of a more natural way of eating that works in tandem with the environment.